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News ASP Guardian Backup Flashlight

"In keeping with ASP’s “two is one, one is none” philosophy of law enforcement lighting, the Guardian is a pocketable backup flashlight that packs the power of a full-sized duty light―well over 400 lumens, with a secondary (“Double Tap”) 15 lumen low mode. Its included rechargeable battery charges inside the light, using a standard micro USB cord, so there’s no need for a separate charging device. And if you don’t have time to recharge, or access to an outlet, ASP’s Dual-Fuel technology lets you swap out the rechargeable battery for disposable primary cells (AA and CR123A-compatible versions available). " Read Article Here

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"The XT DF flashlight by Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) offers an intense, 600 lumens of primary illumination, with a secondary light level that’s user-programmable at 15, 60, or 150 lumens, or strobe. It’s powered by an included 18650 rechargeable battery, and ASP’s Dual Fuel technology allows it to be swapped out for two CR123A primary (single use) cells—available separately—when recharging isn’t possible or convenient." Read Article Here

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"Two is one; one is none. This is a military axiom that is heard and repeated during any preparation for an operation. Given that 80% of the data we humans use to make decisions comes to us through our eyes, there is no way to overvalue our ability to see; especially in high-risk environments." Read Article Here

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Law Enforcement Product News: ASP Triad DF and Poly AA Flashlights

"There are pros and cons to differing types of power for these LED lap assemblies and we'll discuss those mixed in as we look at the two lights to be discussed. Both the Triad DF and the Triad AA are driven by LED lamp assemblies." Read Article Here

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