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Advocate Knife, Carbon Fiber
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Advocate Knife, Carbon Fiber


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ASP Knives are designed for Every Day Carry (EDC). Each is a precisely engineered utility tool that is designed to be readily at hand.

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    ASP blades are produced from the finest stainless steel. They are forged to shape, then hand ground, mirror polished and precisely honed to razor edge. Each knife fits conveniently in the pocket or on a keyring.

    The Advocate Knife comes equipped with a pen blade which is hollow ground to a razor edge, and a serrated blade that is cut in a two-over-one pattern and secured with a miniature liner lock. The scissors incorporates a frame-mounted return spring for improved functionality and durability. There's a nail file and metric scale with a screwdriver at the end that's patterned to fit both slotted and phillips screws. Finally, the bottle opener incorporates a miniature phillips driver and wire stripper. The Advocate has a split ring for attachment to a keychain, and a Detachable clip for quick attachment and removal.

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