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Guardian CR

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Guardian lights use rear button activation. Small, light and rugged enough for every day carry. Grip is firm and substantial, yet fabric friendly so it will not wear pockets or abrade clothing.
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    Guardian lights were designed as the ultimate backup light. They are small, smooth and powerful. 

    Guardian lights set a new standard of illumination. They are bright and functional, yet compact. They have no sharp edges. The lights provide brilliant one hand illumination with a rear mounted micro switch.

    Guardian lights combine advanced electronic circuitry with a unique Thermal Management System. They drive a Cree XPG2 LED to a sustained output of 300 lumens for 1 hour as measured against the ANSI FL1 Standard. It has a 15 lumen low setting accessible by the ASP Double Tap feature. Guardian CR lights are powered by one CR battery.

    Spec Sheet (pdf)

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