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NEW! Electroless Baton Bundle


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You could legitimately call this a “collector’s item”—the last of our extra-long (31”) Batons, in exquisite electroless nickel finish, complete with accessories—at an incredible price.
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    Some time ago, we discontinued these extra-long Friction Loc Batons, but we still had parts to make them, so we did a final production run and added them as a “piece of history” that you can only get here, while they last. They feature a stunning, extra corrosion-resistant electroless nickel finish, and we matched them up with the two most popular baton attachments in the same finish, to produce a one-of-a-kind bundle at a fantastic value:

    • Friction Loc Baton: Extends to 31”, collapses to 11”. Exclusive 4140 steel construction, with overmolded DuraTec grip. compatible with any F series baton accessories (26” SideBreak, Federal or Duty Scabbard is recommended)
    • Grip Cap: The Grip Cap replaces the standard cap at the end of the baton grip, and provides enhanced retention, control and leverage.
    • BreakAway Subcap: The most important and popular baton attachment—an instantly accessible and highly effective glass breaking device that installs between the baton grip end and cap. When needed, simply remove the cap and swing the grip end of the baton at window; one or more of the three ceramic points will instantly and safely shatter even tempered automobile safety glass. It’s literally a lifesaver.


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