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NEW Retractable C (USB-C)

NEW Retractable C (USB-C)


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A heavy-duty USB-to-USB C power/charge cord that’s tangle-free and perfect for travel

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    The Retractable C extends to more than 33 inches, and neatly rewinds into its own pocket-sized, protective housing—no more tangled, knotted cables in your glove compartment, or in the bottom of your patrol bag, briefcase or luggage. The cord ratchets out at click-stop intervals, so it stays at the length you need, until you give a quick pull outward to release and retract it.

    At one end of the cord is a standard USB connection, and at the other a USB-C plug, compatible with all of ASP’s rechargeable flashlights and charging accessories, as well as many other portable electronic devices, including Android phones and most Bluetooth accessories. A great feature of our cord is that the connectors are reversible—there’s no wrong way to insert either the USB or USB-C plugs—so there’s no more fumbling, and no more risk of damage caused by trying to plug the cord in the wrong way.

    The Retractable C features a beefy, braided outer jacket for enhanced flexibility and durability. Also available is our original Retractable Cord, with an ultra-slim, vinyl jacket for maximum compactness.

    ASP Quick Look - Retractable Cords and USB Adaptors