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Sentinel e3

Sentinel e3


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The Sentinel is our first-ever triple-fuel flashlight—runs off the included rechargeable battery, or two different optional disposable cells.
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    There’s no such thing as having too many backup options on the street, and that includes backup power for your flashlight. The Sentinel ships with a 16340 lithium-ion rechargeable battery that powers the light to a potent 400 lumens of output. If you don’t have the time or a place to recharge, just swap out the rechargeable battery for a CR123A disposable cell or a common AA battery, with no special adapter needed. Note that lumen output reduces as you work your way down through the backup battery options, but you’ll stay up and running, and that’s what matters most.

    Like all ASP law enforcement flashlights, the Sentinel is designed for real-world simplicity, with all light modes accessible via a single tail switch: A half press turns the light on in momentary mode, a full press/click switches it to constant-on. Our Double Tap feature activates a 15 lumen low light setting (the alternate Sentinel X model features a strobe instead of the low light for its secondary setting). The 16340 battery recharges right inside the light—just lift the replaceable, weather-sealed polymer charge port cover and plug in the included Retractable Cord or any standard micro USB charger. An onboard charge status indicator flashes red while charging, and turns to solid green when charging is complete.

    NOTE: ASP flashlights feature removable/movable pocket clips, which vary by model:

    Lights with a screw connecting the clip to the ring around the flashlight: Use a 1/16 hex key* to back out the screw, then remove the clip and ring.

    Lights without screw connecting clip to ring: watch video here for instructions 

    *Most ASP baton scabbards and Tactical Light Cases include a 1/16 hex key, stowed behind the belt clip.


    ASP Quick Look - Sentinel e3 and Sentinel X e3