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Tungsten USB
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Tungsten USB


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A sleek, compact light that boasts 475 lumens of big-light performance, so it’s equally well-suited to either backup or primary use. Dual Fuel flexibility lets you power up with either the included rechargeable battery or optional CR123A primary cells.
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    The reduced form factor of the Tungsten is made possible by a revolutionary light engine. ASP research developed a unique technology which produces brilliant white pre-focused light. A constant current driver is combined with a mathematically precise collimating cone to achieve unparalleled output. Advanced optics are coupled with precision machined high strength aerospace aluminum. All surfaces are then anodized with a proprietary Type lll matte black hardcoat finish.

    A four cut switch rotates to an Intermittent - Locked - Constant position. The detachable Snap-Loc Clip may be positioned for lens  up or lens down carry. All connectors and springs on the Tungsten USB are gold plated.

    Powered by high density, leak proof CR123A Lithium power cells, Tungsten lights have a glass lens and aluminum reflector.

    The Tungsten USB employs Duel Fuel Technology. It may be powered by two CR123A batteries which will produce 450 lumens for 1 hour and 30 minutes.