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ASP Makes "Cameo Appearances" in Challenging Competitions in Belgium (Part 1 of 2)

ASP Makes "Cameo Appearances" in Challenging Competitions in Belgium (Part 1 of 2)

Belgium may be a small country, but its law enforcement, first responder and military professionals - and many civilian enthusiasts - are big on tactical talent and training. ASP played a supporting role in a couple of recent events that put skills and training to the test in some challenging and fun ways.

Atomium Stair Challenge

The Brussels Atomium is one of the most recognized landmarks in Europe, and waASP Trainer Jonas Nobelss recently the site of a unique endurance test. The Brussels Fire Department challenged law enforcement to a fully geared-up-for-duty race up the 528 steps to the top of the structure. Longtime ASP trainer and SWAT officer Jonas Nobels was part of the three-man team that took first place among the police teams, and Jonas had the best individual time at just 4 minutes 59 seconds. He says that using all ASP weight-saving gear wherever possible gave him a definite edge. Jonas' loadout included an Airweight Talon Baton with Envoy Scabbard, Triad Flashlight with TLC (backed up by a Scribe EDC Light), Airweight Hinge Ultra Cuffs with Ballistic Federal Case and Clip Key, 2 Tri-Fold Restraints and a Scarab Restraint Cutter. As Jonas put it, "It's not what some would think of as a 'light' load, but 'less heavy' can make all the difference."


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