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Training Testimonials

"The trainers were outstanding, very knowledgeable and were pleasant as just regular people. I've been through a lot of different training, and by far these guys were genuine and taught very well. I learned a lot and will take what I've learned and apply it to my future classes that I will instruct. You all are TOP NOTCH and will be looking for future classes."

- Todd J.

Students at the AIC institute

"The ASP Instructor Certification Course was more than just a training program. It was an experience – a perfect blend of learning, camaraderie, and professional growth. We left not just as certified instructors, but as part of a family – united by our commitment to protect and serve, and by our newfound love for our shiny new tactical toys. For anyone looking to step up their law enforcement game, this course is not just recommended; it’s a rite of passage."

- Herfel T.


Students at the AIC institute

"I really appreciate your time and knowledge… you always had great empathy and showed sincerity when multiple students at various times asked the same question. Absolutely love your approach. I was blown away for the fact that there was no sales pitch, nor any pressure to buy the product. It shows that ASP respects front line workers and stress on our safety. Even more impressive and unexpected was the gracious gift of products that were given out. There is reason ASP is leader in the industry, and I can clearly see why. Thank you again for your time and dedication."

- Lavan T.


"It was one of the best training I have I had. ASP's reputation is well deserved. Not only does ASP have great products but your Instructor Trainer represent the name very well. William Hansler and Fredrick Lathan are a dynamic duo and ASP should be very proud to have to extraordinary gentleman to develop new instructors. They were very knowledgeable, intense but yet patient and motivating to ensure that we understood every standard and technique. I will carry my "gold coin" proudly as one of the "elite". I look forward to enhancing my skills with future ASP Systems Training."

- Kendrick R.


Instructor Certification

“Incredible experience completing the ASP, INC (Armament Systems and Procedures) AIC Course at Seneca College. Not many courses have me looking forward to do a recertification. Incredible content, Amazing Equipment and even better Instructors. Thank you Carson and Mike for sharing your knowledge experience and expertise. I look forward bringing what I learned to Protection Security Investigations and providing my Security Personnel with a greater level of training and understanding and safety. A huge shoutout to Calvin and Gary for their amazing hospitality and letting us use their awesome facility. It definitely took things to the next level and made the experience more enjoyable and memorable. It was also great to meet new people in the industry who are like minded and forward thinking, I'm excited to see everyones success and growth."

- Jacob T.

“Just completed my first ASP AIC last week as an Instructor Trainer. It was an incredible experience to be on the other side of the table and impart some experience and wisdom to a shared program containing both members of security and law enforcement. I've seen a few of the participants post similar comments to their feeds; it was unexpected as they had shared their sentiments and feedback throughout the program, but is so truly appreciated. I don't normally post to toot my own horn, instead I take this as a very humbling experience knowing that I, along with one of our ASP Senior cadre members, Mike Dice, were successful in helping to better others and give them something to take back to their agencies to impart onto their colleagues. I look forward to many more AIC/ATC experiences! Thank you to ASP, INC (Armament Systems and Procedures) for this opportunity, and to Seneca College for allowing us to utilize their facilities. Calvin Millar, thank you for all of your help and for the hospitalities extended, it most certainly made for an outstanding program! “

- Carson H.

"I'm very proud to have attended such a professional and truly top tier training. The Trainers were the most impressive I have ever encountered in my 26 years of working and training in law enforcement. The ASP program and high standards impressed me on so many levels.

ASP is truly a leader in police weapons and training. Everyone in law enforcement needs to know that your company is the real deal. Thank you again, and in the near future I will be ordering all my agency's DAAT gear from ASP exclusively."

Students at the AIC institute

- Chief Lester Harms, Green Bay WI

"I have been going to Law Enforcement training for 27 plus years, hundreds of instructors. Ray Johnson and James Conley have been by far the best! These two Trainers set the bar for excellence, demeanor, attitude, experience and knowledge. "

- Jason G.

"The whole program was fantastic, best training class attended so far in career, time management and instruction was great."

Students at the AIC institute

- David G, Madison CO Sheriff’s Office

"Training was relevant to my field (Law Enforcement), and built confidence in the techniques and equipment. Best instructors I have ever had, and I have even been to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center."

Students at the AIC institute

- Anonymous

"This class was a fast paced and well executed class. I desire for my classes to be this good. I have done a lot of different trainings over the years with weapons and chem. etc., this is one of my fav."

Students at the AIC institute

- Chad J, former Maury CO and Williamson CO Sheriff’s Office

AIC institute

"I wanted you to know how much last week’s training meant to us collectively. First of all, let me start by simply saying, thank you! Thank you for the time, talent, and expertise provided to our department’s instructors regarding the AIC training. We are still reeling from the high of all the knowledge and excitement. [Trainer] James’ active participation and clear dedication to this program fostered very positive outcomes for our instructors. The extension of yourselves to provide us with this specialized training during these uncertain times meant everything to us. As law enforcement officers, we do not have the luxury of staying home or avoiding emergent issues, and now we have additional tools available (literally). The fact that an exception was made in your schedule and we were provided with this opportunity to train was amazing in itself. So again, thank you and I look forward to working with you on future projects."

- Captain B.

"I have served 31 years in law enforcement, before retiring on May 1, 2019. This course is hands down one of the best courses I have ever attended. Great information, instructors and drills. Thanks for allowing me to be part of a great teaching team. "

- Jamie J.

AIC institute

"One of the BEST classes I've attended in my career! Thanks to Billy and Mike!"

- Chris B.

"I recently attended the St. Louis AIC. I just wanted to say thank you again. It’s rare that we get any tactical training anymore, and that was some of the best training I’ve had in a long time. You guys really worked your butts off. Thanks again and stay safe. "

- Robert B.

"I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the ASP training. I really appreciate the fact that it was good for not only street officers, but the applications and the methods are equally as good for Corrections. I worked for almost 30 years as a street officer and am now a training director at a state correctional facility and it was great that the training was not just geared toward the street officer. I will be implementing the tactical light into our defense training during this next training year.

Again many thanks, it was an extremely tough class physically and mentally, but Ron and Ryan were awesome and made the class not only fun, but very rewarding and a great learning experience. Keep up the good work in training our brothers and sisters to stay safe."

- Patrick F.

"I originally went to Miami in 2008 for my certification. It was the hardest training I had ever endured, and I tore my calf at the end of the second day. I approached it like most Defensive Tactics courses I have participated in which would have small periods of intensity followed by numerous breaks. To say, “My butt was handed to me” would be an understatement. Sadly my ego got the better of me, and I was not successful.

I requested to be invited again, and in 2009 I attended Lisbon Portugal to give the ATC another shot. For me attending armed with the knowledge of the year prior, I was nervous to say the least. The intensity was just like the year before; insane. And although respectful, I was never given an iota of special treatment in light of attending for a second time. Since my initial certification I have attended ATC recertifications in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and most recently 2018. Every time I attend an ATC I get butterflies in my stomach. As Dr. Parsons discussed at a previous ATC, your first ATC is technically the easiest. Each time I attend I am armed with the knowledge of the aforementioned re-certification. I have had co-workers ask me how hard can it be? My only response to that is; try it. Unless you have either witnessed it, or participated as a Candidate you will never truly appreciate what it means to be an ATC. Becoming a Trainer is not a right, it’s a privilege. It is a group of like-minded individuals who make me want to be better than I am. Ask any Trainer how it feels to wear that black shirt. It’s an honour to say the least."

- Al G.


"Heading into the ATC course I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I remember thinking it can’t be much different than the AIC course...could it? Now after successfully completing this program, I can truthfully say that this course truly tested me to my limits - mentally, physically and was the hardest course I’ve ever taken, and it was the absolute highlight of my training career. I’m so very proud to be part of the ASP family, and I have the utmost respect and understanding for what it means to wear the black training shirt."

- Brad D.


"Having attended world class Judo training, training in the Canadian Military Police handcuffs and some tough courses in the civilian policing world, I can honestly say that the ASP Trainer Certification was developed not only to have candidates reach their peak level, but find the second wind and keep going! In a three day course, training with some of the best across the globe and speaking different languages, I have learned how to become one! By the end of the course, all the candidates to become Trainers have learned how to communicate in one language...ASP!"

- Natalya M.


"If I had to choose one word that describes what ATC meant to me, it would be 'motivating!' During ATC, I had the opportunity to train with skillful Trainers and candidates from all over the world. The skill level of ASP Trainers is amazing and their passion to do their job is impressive."

- Kim L.


"This was the hardest law enforcement training I’ve ever been to! Harder than my SRT qualifications, harder than the police academy, harder than all the current instructor certifications that I have. I’m so glad I had mentors like Billy, Al, DJ and Thom to push and prepare me for such a mentally and physically exhausting experience. On the last day of the conference, I got a chance to see how close the ASP family really is. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be accepted into this family."

- James C.

"What is an ATC? It is an exceptional training program for police officers. It brings great individual growth, and above all, the real feeling that the police community is a brotherhood that strives to serve and protect others."

- Miguel Angel G.


"ATC was the most intense training I’ve been to physically and mentally. It was also the most rewarding. I’ve never gained so much respect and camaraderie for a group of people in such a short period of time. I’ve been an officer for 11 years, been to several week long DT courses, FBI sniper, basic SWAT, several advanced SWAT, two tac team leader courses, my resume goes on and on. One team leader course was taught by a former Delta TL and took place in Texas in September. That class was as intense as ATC for a half-day. Without the energy and atmosphere initially brought by the Trainers, no one would have made it three days. One of the best parts was to know for a fact that no matter where you are in the world, we as cops are all cut from the same cloth."

- Dallas B.

"The ATC course was one of the most physically demanding trainings I’ve attended in a long time. The mentors and staff were strict, but at the same time fair and motivating. Unlike some classes I’ve attended, I walked away knowing I EARNED the certification, nothing was given to me. And it was a good time!"

- Dean A.

"I have been fortunate to complete numerous instructor training courses (ASP and lots of other disciplines). I have completed SWAT school and Tactical Medic school. Both of which were very challenging. I have trained and conditioned myself for years to prepare for anything...there are no words to describe to someone how hard the ATC was. The ATC was the most challenging course I have ever participated in my 17 years as an officer. I love the entire ASP program, as it isn’t an “everyone gets a certificate” course. You must earn it. The feeling I had when I received my black shirt and Trainer coin was overwhelming. It is hands down the proudest moment I’ve had in my career."

- Rhett M.

Hani K

"After spending 25 years with the NYPD and being a part of the elite Emergency Service Unit, I have to contest that the training I went through during my initial ATC was the most demanding physically and mentally that I have ever encountered. The end result was also the most rewarding. Being part of a family of professional Trainers from around the world that really do care about helping others."

- Hani K.