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Shooting Illustrated: Understanding Flashlight Specifications

“We serve a particularly demanding customer base—law enforcement—where the stakes for mission-critical products are high,” ASP Inc. (Armament Systems & Procedures) Vice President Michael Hess said. “Probably no product on an officer’s belt gets more use than a flashlight, and it is not overly dramatic to say that it’s a tool with life-and-death implications. So, it is crucial to us that we make promises we can keep, test our products to the highest and most consistent standards and that our products are compared objectively to those of other best-in-class companies who share our commitment.” View Original Article Here

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Phoenix Raven Course continues strong during COVID-19

"Explaining what distinguishes a Raven, Hall noted the ability to use verbal judo and the ASP baton “are kind of the bread and butter of what makes a Raven, because a lot of these environments we don't necessarily have the capability of taking weapons off the jet, and being able to verbally de-escalate a situation is the key to most of these interactions. However, we have our ASP baton that we drill to perfection as a secondary means of gaining compliance where we might not be able to by other means.” View Original Article Here

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Free Field Training: Modern Police Duty Belt

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"To start, we have a ‘club’ from Armament Systems & Procedures. Long known for expandable batons that deployed by snapping them open, ASP now makes expandable sticks that can be closed by a press of the tail cap. This means they’re locked open and the use of the jab is back on the table. The example I have is concealable, the ASP Steel A40 Agent baton – a disc lock expandable. It features a “Snap-Loc” clip to facilitate carry in pocket, on the belt or inside the waist – something that should appeal to detective-types. The club is secured in the extended...

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