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News Review: ASP Guardian Flashlights

"I tested two lights from ASP. Not only did they turn out to be superior for EDC, they have several design features that separate them from similar devices. One of these is their power features, another is their form factor." Read Article Here

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"ASP has been intently focused these days on helping to create a "friendlier" duty belt. It started by introducing ultra-light batons, cuffs and flashlights for weight­reduction, and is now moving into space optimization, with the introduction of a series of keepers that make better use of increasingly-scarce duty belt real estate. Traditional keepers serve a necessary purpose-securing the duty belt to the inner belt-but do nothing more, other than take up space. ASP's new keepers serve that primary purpose, but add the functionality of a mini "holster" for some small but important tools" Read Article Here

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"ASP has expanded its transitional flashlight category - tactical lights that fall between the company's small EDC lights and full-sized duty lights -with the new T1 DF (Dual Fuel). The T1 is a palm-sized light that's compact enough to pocket (adjustable/removable clip included), yet it boasts a feature set more commonly found in larger and/or more expensive models" Read Article Here

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The Police Chief: Exhibitor Update

"Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) has introduced a collection of products featuring the well-known “thin blue line” design, universally recognized as a tribute to the contributions and sacrifices of law enforcement." Read Article Here

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