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Law Enforcement Today: ASP supports Public Safety Cadets

ASP is mentioned in this new Law Enforcement Today Podcast interview with Public Safety Cadets president Kent Jefferies: Click here to listen

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Fifty Shades of FDE: ASP Raptor DF Flashlight review

“The Raptor DF is by far, the most powerful hand held flashlight that I’ve used for work …It has continually impressed me with its raw power and ability to illuminate in low light and no light conditions. It’s like having a portable spotlight without in a manageable size and weight …The engineers at ASP know what it takes to make hard-use duty equipment and the Raptor DF lives up to the excellent reputation of tools that are 10-8 everyday all over the world.” View Original Article Here

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House Morningwood: The Raptor DF From ASP – The Night Killer

“ASP, the famous manufacturer of collapsible batons, also makes some of the finest duty-level flashlights known to man …The bright beam the Raptor DF casts eats up the darkness breaks through photonic barriers and makes it easy to see the fine details of the creature hiding in the darkness …The ASP Raptor DF provides you with an extremely powerful light that delivers both a punishing amount of light and a very strong overall design. When you need power, battery versatility, and a multitude of modes, the Raptor DF has got you covered.” View Original Article Here

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Tactical News Online: New ASP Flashlight | The Raptor is Sun In Your Pocket!

“The brightness factor is off the charts! ...this is a serious light that will give the user top-level performance …this is about the most powerful flashlight I’ve owned, which is saying quite a bit. It is durable and well built with quality parts …I call it a winner!" View Original Article Here

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