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GETZONE.COM: Gear Review: Tungsten Flashlight and Agent Baton from ASP

"Some companies are simply well-known cornerstones of an industry. A perfect example is Armament Systems and Procedures, better known as ASP. While they have a diverse product offering, the entire planet knows them as the designers of the ASP expandable baton used by law enforcement agencies around the world." Read Article Here

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"When it comes to flashlights, you might as well get a good one. The top of the line has to be this rechargeable, programmable, aerospace aluminum, super-bright XT DF tactical flashlight ($160), built for police and military use, and pumping out 600 lumens." Read Article Here

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Loadout Room: ASP Agent Concealable Baton: The Name Says it All (with Video)

"The ASP Agent Concealable Baton is a new development by ASP which has become my favorite baton. It offers the same durability and strength as their other batons but in a much more convenient and easily carried package. The 4140 Steel striking surface is forged to shape and precision machined." Read Article Here

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Loadout Room: ASP Training Baton Review (With Video)

"As the defensive tactics instructor at my department, I am very familiar with Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP). If you are a law enforcement officer you’ve probably heard of the company, they have been dishing out top quality police equipment since 1976."   Read Article Here

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