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Product Testimonials

What our customers, trainers and others say about ASP


I’ve carried an ASP baton every day for the last 25 years—it’s been with me since my first day on the street as a police officer. I still have the same baton and it has never failed me. We have been though a lot together. I wanted to carry ASP products in my store because of their quality and durability. For me, ASP is synonymous with law enforcement, through its toughness and command presence. I’ll keep using my ASP baton till I hang it up, many many years from now. It has lots of battle scars but it still works great and does the job.
- E.M., Police Lieutenant and law enforcement supply store owner, Texas

Sentry Handcuffs

I’ve spent 17 years in corrections, and 12 years in the Canadian military, with 6 years at the World Court in the Hague. I’ve dealt with some of the most notorious war criminals/ terrorists in the world, and have used multiple handcuff systems. I recently tried out the ASP Sentry Handcuffs, and I must say they are the finest handcuffs I have ever used in my life. They are incredibly smooth, durable, and have an impressive double locking mechanism that ensures the person being restrained cannot escape. The quality is worth the price, and they are replacing my Peerless handcuffs. In fact, we are planning to replace the handcuffs in our tactical unit with the Sentry cuffs. I highly recommend them to anyone in corrections or law enforcement. I have nothing but good things to say—the ASP Sentry restraints are excellent.
- J.M., Correctional Officer, Alberta, Canada

ASP Baton Customer Service

I would like to personally thank you for the Agent Baton springs, as well as for the impeccable customer service! They have arrived today; I installed them and the entire baton works flawlessly. I believe it will last for many years to come. The interactions with you have been some of the most seamless I have ever had, and the end result is irreproachable. I personally appreciate and salute this, because such interactions are not common, unfortunately, in this day and age.
- Victor G.


I’m virtually an ASP ambassador at this point, as I’ve quite literally demonstrated why ASP cuffs are far superior to any others whenever I meet an officer still toting around any of the other alternative brands! My chief was the last one to relent, but he’s since invested in not only all ASP cuffs, but he’s even sporting those new cuff holsters that locks into place. Thanks again for playing a role in the best LEO company in America!
- Anonymous Officer

BreakAway Subcap

I was able to use your ceramic tail cap to enter a vehicle and save a 15 month old baby girl, after numerous attempts to unlock the hot vehicle with kits failed due to the car's design. The product worked so well that I almost dropped my baton into the vehicle, because it offered virtually no resistance when I made the first strike, and no follow-up strikes were necessary. The baton was then used to clear the glass to make entry, and went effortlessly back into my scabbard while still deployed, so that I could finish assisting the mother and child on-scene. Thank you for your attention to detail and the quality of the product. I'm sure we could've gotten in otherwise, but it was so fast and efficient that I will never need another tool for the job. There's absolutely no damage to the tail cap or baton, so I won't need another one, anyway!
- David R., Patrolman, Arkansas

Duty/Trainer’s Whistle

This is the best whistle I've ever used…the cushioned mouth piece is very nice if you are directing traffic in the middle of a busy intersection and want to have your whistle in your mouth and ready to go.
- Matt S., Police Officer, Massachusetts

NEW! Talon Infinity Baton, 50cm

I've tried a variety of batons, including one from a name brand German company that claims to have "the best expandable baton in the world". I still come back to the ASP. The Talon has the best balance across all critical features - including features which are sometimes opposing such as forward tip weight for power vs. speed, agility and ease of control. Proper balance is especially helpful when you get into more advanced combinations and techniques (like those found in Escrima and other martial arts) beyond just the simple strong-side downward angled strike (the old Talon D50 had the best balance in my opinion but the T50 is still very good). The foam grip is still the best grip I've ever used when hands are wet and sweaty. The new Infinity Talon has a tighter lock-up with less looseness in the joints, which I definitely appreciate! Other things that separate the ASP baton form its competition is the company itself. Excellent customer service. Lots of helpful information - the videos, especially the armorer videos - are absolutely great to have. And I appreciate the donation option at check-out to an important cause.
- Dan

ASP BreakAway Saves a Life

A rear end collision left someone trapped in their SUV with a broken ankle, compound leg fracture, and significant blood loss. Officers could not get any doors open to render aid. Officers’ standard cone window breaks were not breaking the glass. As the remains of the engine bay began to smoke, I luckily was able to deploy my ASP BreakAway. This tool allowed me to perforate the laminated glass and then smash out the rest with the other end of my baton. All of the vehicle windows were removed with ease and efficiency thanks to this product. It paid for itself with one use, and the officers I responded with are looking to purchase them as well. One thing common with the law enforcement profession, and likely any profession, is that your hard work can sometimes go unthanked. This is why I wanted to share my review with you and thank you, and all members of ASP, for your dedication to making exceptional products dedicated to helping and protecting others.
- Jake R., Police Officer, Oakland County Michigan

ASP Rigid Cuffs - Best handcuffs I have ever owned bar none

I have carried ASP Rigid cuffs for the last 10 years. They are secure and even the most combative subject can be controlled and safely taken into custody and transported to the detention center. One cuff on and they will do what they are told. If they try to fight then that silly little arm bar take down they taught you in defensive tactics using the cuffs for leverage will drop them flat and you can finish the job. With the bridge in the middle you can hold on to the detainee and if they decide to go rabbit, a simple twist of the wrist and you have regained complete control and compliance. I have a pair with steel and an aluminum pair on my duty belt and a set with my transport gear. My chief questioned me about them the first day he saw them on my belt and even then was skeptical until the first big guy ( 6'2, 250+, I'm 5' 3' 165) tried to bull around and throw me around. When he got up from his first flight lesson and realized he was, to quote Roscoe P Coltrane , "cuffed and stuffed," all skepticism was gone and I was cleared to carry them instead of the department issued chain cuffs. Our detention center loves the keyhole on both sides and the double lock feature with the key. Solidly built and ASP stands by their product.
- Sgt Mike Strauss

Quality Products Backed Up by the Best Customer Service

I received my ASP baton back from getting repaired and wow am I impressed! My ASP looks new! Your people not only replaced the retainer spring but they also replaced the end cap and foam grip. As you saw, my baton was pretty beat up but it has served me well in many situations. It has kept me from being shot, stabbed and attacked/mauled by animals on many occasions. ASP Inc in my opinion is the epitome of how a company should be. You make a quality product and back it up the best customer service I have seen. If ASP Inc takes care of their personnel/employees like they do their customers and products then ASP Inc is top shelf in my opinion. I have given a couple guys an ASP baton like mine and they love them. I've told them the aforementioned. Thank you for doing such a great job and making great products!
- - Gene W.


Certain companies deserve a shout out when they make the choice to stand out. I have been using an ASP flashlight since I became an officer 7 years ago. Used it every day and it never failed me. A week ago or so, it quit working and so I sent it in (full of chips in the finish, scratches, worn spots, messed up lens, etc. that you’d expect from 7 years of duty use). Today I came home from shift to an unexpected box containing the ASP Triad DF. Not only a brand new, in the package light, but the recently released upgraded version of the one I sent in. I encourage people to buy important tools like this from reputable companies… the price you pay up front, pays for itself.
- Matt T., Sheriff's Deputy, South Dakota

ASP Brand and Quality

Just wanted to drop a line and let you guys know that we are huge supporters of your brand and extreme product quality. Thank you so much for creating a durable line that we can rely on both on and off duty. I am both a Detective and SWAT Negotiator. The products used on SWAT training sites endure all elements and torture we put on them during training, yet are still professional and in style for me to carry to the office. This is a hard task to accomplish and you guys hit it out of the park. Thank you very much.
- Ray Duplechain


Last week I had quite the fall walking from my office building to my commuter room. It was fairly late. We had just had a snowfall so all the ice was concealed. I went down fairly hard. I forgot to check that I had all my stuff before I kept going. The morning after I noticed my light was gone. I immediately understood I had dropped it in the fall and figured I'd look for it on my way to the office, but no such luck. They had done snow and ice clearing during the night. My ASP Poly light was gone. I was going to miss it as I carry it on and off duty. Not to mention the sentimental value as I got it at an ASP Instructor course a few years ago. Tuesday morning while walking to the office I decided to see if I could at least find some pieces as a lot of snow had melted. I actually found it. It was frozen and I had to break it loose from the ice. As you can see it works. I am amazed. That light went through a big snow thrower and then spent a week in snow and ice.
- Anonymous

ASP Products

I have been a field officer with the Nevada Department of Wildlife for over 17 years, and for the last 13 years I have taught our department's officers in the use of the expandable baton. [On the Triad Flashlight] I found the product to excel in many facets. The light beam focus and intensity was astounding. I found the recharging time and capacity of the battery to be excellent. The use of the micro USB port was ingenious as well as convenient. I would not hesitate to use or recommend the use of this product in my professional capacity. [On the Talon Baton]: I have used products from a few companies with various methods of locking out the baton, and I highly recommend this latest technology update. This Talon Disc Lock is by far the easiest and most secure method I have used. Thank you for the opportunity to use these products in real life situations.
- Officer Paul Hearne of the Nevada Department of Wildlife

ASP Warranty

A huge shout out and "Thank You" to ASP warranty. My two favorite lights that I carry everyday, my Triad USB and my Sapphire USB went out on me after several years of faithful service. I contacted ASP Warranty on Thursday morning and told them my predicament. I was advised to send both lights back to ASP warranty, which I did early that Thursday morning by UPS. I was just hoping to get them repaired and get them back sometime before winter. I couldn't believe my eyes when UPS showed up at my door 3 days later, MONDAY MORNING, with a box from ASP warranty for me. Inside was a brand new replacement TRIAD USB and a brand new Sapphire USB with a repair invoice of, get this.....NO CHARGE!!!!! I know a lot about great customer service as I spent 40 years in Law Enforcement and nine years as the Law Enforcement District Manager for GLOCK Inc in Wisconsin, Michigan and the Chicago Metro Area. This is without a doubt, the FASTEST, MOST UNBELIEVABLE customer service turnaround I have EVER WITNESSED! Three day turnaround and two of those days were a Saturday and Sunday! INCREDIBLE!! I just wanted to let someone at ASP know that your products and customer service are the reason why LE and Military rely on ASP to keep them safe with products that are second to none! Keep up the great work and please pass this message along to Sally Stuckey and her staff at the Appleton Warranty Service Center. I cannot tell you how stunned I am at the turnaround time and how happy I am to have my two EDC (Every Day Carry) lights back in my possession.
- Mark W, Retired Police Sergeant, WI


I just wanted to say, I have carried your Defender [pepper spray] for over 15 years. 2 days ago, I was working an off-duty detail, had it not been for my defender and its pepper goodness, I’d probably be dead. The short version of this, about 30 people (not exaggerating) jumped me as I was working a security detail and was escorting them out. I recognized some pre-assault indicators and was able to stop 5 of the main aggressors, which allowed me to get everybody outside. I emptied my [pepper spray] insert, but without a doubt, had I not had it, had I not used it, I would not be here to write this thank you note. I’ve already replaced my insert, I love your product and me and my loved ones thank you dearly.
- Glen K., Police Officer, MS

ASP Instructor

Proud to be an ASP instructor. You would be hard pressed to find a company that cares so much about their customers and their products. I only carry ASP products when I’m at work.
- John-Michael G.

Defenders/Safety Set

I am emailing you to let you know what a pleasure it is doing business with ASP… I purchased my first ASP Key Defender in 2000. At the time, I had carried pepper spray since 1994 and they all had the same disadvantages. Most were bulky, difficult to deploy, easily to accidentally discharge and they simply didn’t hold up to daily carry. They fell off key chains, broke apart and you could easily spray yourself in the face. The ASP Defenders eliminate all the disadvantages of traditional chemical irritants. I am also very impressed with the new ASP OC Safety Set. I have ordered several for family members. I display and demonstrate the ASP Defenders in my personal safety classes. I even took a shot from a Palm Defender for a demonstration and it was extremely effective to say the least. I’ve recently ordered the Alert Whistles for parents concerned about the safety of their children while commuting to and from school. I guess what I’m trying to say here is don’t change a thing. The products and customer service ASP provides are by far the best in the industry. I’ve been an ASP customer for 16 years and I’ll be an ASP customer for life.
- Brent T., Edmond, OK

Every Day Carry Lights

I am a huge fan of your company … I’ve used your small framed lights religiously and I can’t imagine buying anything else. I am an avid outdoorsman, chef, survivalist and I’m also a retired bull rider. I have a couple of your lights with me at all times. Best lights on the market for sure. You’re doing great work, it’s appreciated in our house when I’m away from home, and I wanted to say thanks.
- Mitch M., Amazon Reviewer


[The key defender is a] Great product, packaged well and delivers quickly. These are just the right size to be small enough to carry without attracting attention but large enough to hold enough OC spray to stop an assault. You get about five short bursts. I do some evening walking in a downtown area and this is the perfect size to carry. A bit too big for my pants pocket but actually very easy and comfortable to just tuck this into the front of your waist band.
- David B., Amazon Reviewer

Sapphire Light

[The Sapphire] is now my EDC light. I own brighter, I own smaller, I carry this one. The best light is the one you always have with you. This one qualifies. I rarely have to charge it, and it takes little time to charge when it needs it. I remember to top it off monthly. It is bright enough for finding stuff under the desk or signaling a train (my job). Rugged outer frame. It isn’t sealed against water, but incidental rain contact hasn’t hurt it yet and it lives on my belt.
- G. Brockett "SJ", Amazon Reviewer

I wanted to take a minute and let you know that the [Training] course I attended last week was one of the best courses I have been to in my 17 years of law enforcement. The course was very demanding (in a good way), and the instructors did an outstanding job. You really took the time to ensure that we were performing the drills and exercises the proper way and it showed. I really learned a lot and would highly recommend your course to others in our profession. These types of courses are the ones you come out of and know you really earned this one. So once again I just wanted to say thank you for the job that you did. I enjoyed the class and thanks for what you do.
- Michael K., Police Captain

ASP Products

I’d like to start and say THANK YOU! I love your products and have used them since I first started exploring law enforcement as an explorer 10 years ago and continue to utilize them today as a patrol officer. I was one of the only in my academy class to have them and preached how great they are the whole time.
- Sam W., Patrol Officer, Chandler, AZ

ASP Customer Service

I just want to express how thankful I am for the effort you all put towards customer service. You all responded very soon to my questions and were very quick in the turn around. I am glad I chose your product over any other.
- Dan H., Police Officer, Redford, MI