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Training Programs

ASP provides intensive training, at no cost, to officers and agencies around the world



The word "Procedures" in our company name signifies our dedication to not only providing superior products, but also comprehensive training in their use. ASP training focuses on clear, simple, repeatable and legally-defensible techniques and tactics, fine-tuned over decades of experience and real-world results. We feel so strongly about the importance of proper training that we provide roughly $2 million worth of training each year to law enforcement at no cost. ASP training is so effective, and so respected, that it has been adopted by agencies in over 100 countries. You can read a few comments from past ASP training attendees here.


In addition to the direct company training that we provide, we support and endorse a number of independent training organizations and individuals who provide private instruction – typically fee-based – in the use of ASP products and tactics. 


ASP Integrated Training (Tactical Baton, Restraint and Performance Flashlight) puts no principle above simplicity. Techniques are simple to learn, easy to understand, effortless to remember, and designed to work for all officers, not just those highly skilled in psychomotor performance. ASP techniques work on the street, not just in the ideal environment of a classroom or gym. Thanks to their simplicity, ASP techniques are remembered and used on the street long after training ends. 


This field-level certification program is designed to acquaint participants with operational use of the ASP Tactical Baton, Tactical Restraints and/or Performance Flashlights. The training includes basic portation (carrying) and presentation (drawing) techniques as well as defensive application procedures. Certification acknowledges that the individual officer met a competency-based standard of knowledge and performance. 
ABC training is conducted on a private basis. To inquire about instructors in your area, please contact or call directly (800) 236-6243.


This advanced certification program is designed to acquaint participants with operational use of the ASP Tactical Baton, Tactical Restraints and Performance Flashlights and train them to conduct ASP Basic Certification (ABC) Programs. AIC Training includes all information and techniques provided in the ABC Program, with the addition of ASP Instructional techniques. Successful completion of the AIC Program certifies that the individual officer has met a competency-based standard of knowledge, has mastered performance skills, and has the ability to instruct ABC classes.

For current class schedule, click here.


This program trains individuals to conduct ASP Instruction Certification (AIC). ASP Certified Trainers are highly skilled baton, restraint and flashlight instructors, authorized by Armament Systems and Procedures to conduct AIC Programs. These Trainers have demonstrated their ability through completion of a rigorous competency-based program involving knowledge of ASP technical data, performance skills and instruction of ASP classes.


If you would like to discuss training your agency, or have other questions, e-mail our Training Coordinator or call directly (800) 236-6243.

*Participants should be aware that ASP programs are competency-based. Mere attendance at ASP Training does not assure certification.