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"To start, we have a ‘club’ from Armament Systems & Procedures. Long known for expandable batons that deployed by snapping them open, ASP now makes expandable sticks that can be closed by a press of the tail cap. This means they’re locked open and the use of the jab is back on the table.

The example I have is concealable, the ASP Steel A40 Agent baton – a disc lock expandable. It features a “Snap-Loc” clip to facilitate carry in pocket, on the belt or inside the waist – something that should appeal to detective-types. The club is secured in the extended position via a flick of the baton, though I found that a surreptitious opening behind by back was easily accomplished without the fanfare of snapping it open (while a decent warning, it can be seen as escalation in the era of ‘de-escalation.’)"

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