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ASP Integrated Training Program

"In addition to manufacturing its well-known line of batons, restraints and flashlights, ASP provides comprehensive training in the integrated use of those three most commonly-used duty belt tools. Its flagship training platform is the ASP Instructor Certification (AIC) program" Read Article Here

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2018 SHOT Show Day 2

"I’ve been religiously carrying their Tungsten handheld flashlight and I’ve never been more impressed by the purposeful engineering on an otherwise simple product." Read Article Here

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2018 SHOT Show

"ASP is known for training law enforcement as well as supplying them. Flashlights are far from their only product although it is most relevant to civilian carriers." Read Article Here

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Lighting Things Up With ASP

"The first item we were sent from ASP fits very firmly into the category of EDC (and in fact, that’s where it lives on their site) – the ASP Dot USB. This is a flashlight (available in blue, red, or black) that will fit into any pocket (even that coin pocket on your jeans) or, more likely, on your key ring." Read Article Here

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