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ASP Appoints New Sales Director

ASP Appoints New Sales Director

Appleton, WI, April 10, 2024—Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), a leading provider of law enforcement equipment and tactical training, has hired Carlos Ruiz as the new Director of Sales for the western US region. Ruiz will be responsible for law enforcement agency and distributor relationships in an eleven-state territory.

Ruiz comes to ASP after serving as a Deputy Sheriff in Riverside County, California. Prior to his time in law enforcement, he had a successful sales career. “Carlos has a unique mix of skills and experience that’s perfect for what we do” says Daryell Harmon, ASP’s Vice President of Sales. “So when our Sales Director in his part of the country retired, Carlos was an ideal candidate to fill those shoes.”

Harmon says that ASP’s dedicated sales team wears a lot of hats. “Sales Directors are responsible for distributor and agency relationships, assisting the organization of our law enforcement training programs, and more.” He concludes that “Having worn both hats—as a law enforcement expert and a business professional—Carlos will fit in well and hit the ground running.”

Ruiz resides in California, which will be his base of operations in his new role at ASP.