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ASP Marks Law Enforcement Training Milestones

ASP Marks Law Enforcement Training Milestones

Appleton, WI, September 21, 2018—Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) recently conducted its 500th ASP Instructor Certification course (AIC), in Chesterfield, Virginia, bringing the total number of current certified Instructors to over 48,000 worldwide. The company’s less-lethal training program focuses on the integrated use of expandable batons, restraints and tactical flashlights, and is provided at no cost to law enforcement officers and agencies.
ASP also held its annual international trainer certification, held this past spring in Toronto, Canada. 20 candidates from 6 countries endured what is widely considered to be among the most physically challenging law enforcement training programs, with 18 graduating the course to become new ASP Trainers—the only people qualified and certified to teach AIC courses. 2018 Trainer Certification graduate James Conley, a law enforcement officer from Maryland, called the program “the hardest law enforcement training I’ve ever been to—harder than my SRT qualifications, harder than the police academy, harder than all the current instructor certifications that I have.”

Daryell Harmon, ASP’s Vice President of Law Enforcement Sales, started as a Trainer with the company, and continues to recertify bi-annually. “We make no apologies for how tough our training is,” he says. “Training is not a profit center for us—it is our investment in law enforcement, and the only way that investment pays off is if officers learn, under stress, the real-world skills they need to keep themselves safe on the street.”

ASP launched its training program in 1987 with a tactical baton course, certifying 23 officers from 12 agencies. Handcuff training was added in 2004, and the current fully-integrated program began in 2015. The company expects to conduct between 60 and 80 AIC trainings worldwide in 2019.

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