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ASP Introduces Triad XT

ASP Introduces Triad XT

New Triad XT Flashlights

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of law enforcement products, has unveiled its new multi-purpose Triad XT flashlight.

The key feature of the Triad XT is the ASP sequential light output switch. The switch allows an officer to quickly change from high output mode (530 lumens) to low output mode (60 lumens). The switch is easily accessible yet hidden brilliantly beneath the XT’s adjustable O-ring sealed protection bezel.

“The benefit of the XT’s sequential light output switch is to be able to set the light for a specific activity,” said ASP Founder and President Kevin Parsons, PhD. “High is for normal duty use. Low is for an area where backsplash may impair vision.”

The Triad XT also has a third strobe mode output setting for use with the auxiliary ASP Traffic Wand, available in neon yellow and red.

Equipped with an ultra-white high contrast CREE LED, the Triad XT produces 530 lumens of blindingly bright light with a run time of three hours.

Watch the New Triad XT Video

Like all of the ASP Triad lights, the XT has a 3 postion quiet control switch – intermittent, constant-on and locked. On the XT, however, the control and sequential mode switches are separate. Turning off the Triad XT instantly resets the mode to the highest output level.

The Triad XT incorporates ASP’s exclusive Dual Fuel Technology, meaning the light can run on an ASP 18650 rechargeable or two CR123A lithium primary cells. Both types of ASP lithium batteries have integral PCM and PTC safety circuits.

The Triad XT can also be recharged using a micro USB cell phone cord or plugged into a squad laptop.

The Triad XT has a reversible polymer belt clip and a foamed vinyl grip. It comes with a ballistic case and a variety of accessories, including our own car and wall chargers and a micro USB retractable charge cord.

The Triad XT has a lifetime warranty. The MSRP is $155.