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BreakAway Tip (T Series)

BreakAway Tip (T Series)

Turn your ASP Talon Baton into a lifesaving device with this instantly-accessible glass breaking accessory. FREE FACTORY INSTALLATION AVAILABLE with baton purchase—see details below

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    Replace the standard tip on your Talon Baton with the BreakAway Tip, and you’ll always have a window-breaking extrication tool at-hand. Removing the tip cover exposes a precision ground ceramic pin that can quickly and easily shatter a car’s side window, or punch an entry circle in a laminated windshield. It’s much faster, safer and more effective than repeated hard baton strikes without a purpose-specific glass breaking attachment—and because it is a part of the baton, there is no need to carry a separate tool (and one you might not have handy at the moment you need it).

    Note: Removing the standard tip from a baton requires a heat source and basic tools—see instructional video below.


    Add the BreakAway Tip to a Talon Baton ordered at the same time, select the appropriate “Factory Installed” option from the drop-down above, and we will pre-install and thread-lock it for you at our Wisconsin factory, so you will receive it ready-to use. This service is offered free of charge ($10 value), only when baton and tip are ordered at the same time. Allow 1-2 business days additional turnaround time. 


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