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Clip Handcuff Key, Black

Clip Handcuff Key, Black

A contoured polymer grip with spring steel pocket clip and BackSet stainless key. Clip Keys are easier to use on a handcuffed subject than traditional keys. They are extremely strong.

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    ASP Handcuff Keys are designed to withstand the rigors of long term duty use. Conventional keys are stamped from mild steel. They often break or twist off in a handcuff. These "key jammed" restraints create civil liability.

    Each ASP key is hammer forged, then precision machined. Keys are heat treated for strength and coated with a protective finish. The unique ASP BackSet feature allows rapid location of the handcuff keyway. Clip keys provide an extended reach and convenient pocket clip.

    IMPORTANT: The High Security version of this key is designed specifically for ASP High Security Handcuffs, and may also operate 2-pawl security restraints from other manufacturers. The key is also designed to work with standard single-pawl handcuffs. However, ASP cannot guarantee functionality or compatibility with other manufacturer’s handcuffs; it is the user’s responsibility to test and ensure functionality with other intended restraint systems.

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