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ASP Instructor Account



After class completion an email will be sent from our IT department with an activation link and other information regarding your account.

In the future you'll find your log in under "Training" and then "Instructor Log In".

*We prefer you use a PC/Laptop to log in to your account as our system works best utilizing these devices.



Once logged in you will have access to Instructor relevant tabs that only you will have access too.

These are located under the "Training" tab.



    Within this tab you will have access to your "Instructor Resources" which includes Power Points and other Training Documents that will you will need.



    Under the "Training" tab you will see the "Trainer Store"

    Within the Trainer Store you will find logo gear and other printed material only available to ASP Trainers and Instructors.


    One of the items in the Trainer Store is going to be the ASP Basic Certification (ABC) Kits. Each kit contains one of each Manual, Certificate, ID Card, Strike force lapel pin, mouth guard, Training Critique, Test/Waiver sheet and answer key.

    *All Training materials are by protocol (Baton, Handcuff, Flashlight or Integrated as shown)



    If you have any questions give us a call at (920) 735-6242 or email