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COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness Bundle Program

COVID-19 Preparedness Bundle

The global health crisis has led to disposable restraints being considered critical personal protective equipment for law enforcement. In fact, an increasing number of department policies, industry and government guidelines and news reports are paying specific attention to this urgent need:

 “If available, use flex-cuffs in place of handcuffs” - IACP COVID-19 Guidelines

“…disposable flexible restraints (such as zip-ties) are preferable” - OSHA COVID-19 Guidelines  

“All officers will now wear masks, flex cuffs and practice social distancing.” - WALB News  

“Consider the temporary use of flex-cuffs in place of handcuffs” - Georgia Municipal Association  

ASP Tri-Folds are part of a complete disposable restraint system, ready for immediate deployment to agencies and officers worldwide. Based on the sudden increase in demand—and expected future demand—we have significantly increased production, and created a new ordering option that allows agencies to purchase everything they need, at significant savings, using a single item number for efficiency:

The ASP Tri-Fold Agency Set Includes:

(all products bulk-packed)

300 pcs. Tri-Folds

25 pcs. Scarab Safety Cutters

25 pcs. Belt/Vest Case - FREE

Total retail value: $2,725

Net MSRP after free cases: $2,100

Savings 23%