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Guide to Expandable Batons

Expandable Batons – Introduction

The ASP expandable baton has been among the most effective and widely-deployed law enforcement intermediate force tools for decades. In the hands of a properly-trained officer, the expandable baton is a proven solution for de-escalation, self-defense and gaining compliance. The presentation and dynamic extension of the baton alone has a psychological effect that is often sufficient to gain compliance without further engagement. And with few moving parts, no batteries, and nothing to load or discharge, the ASP Baton is perhaps the most failsafe, reliable tool on the duty belt.

Features of ASP Expandable Batons

  • Compact and comfortable to carry, yet fast and easy to extend to full length

  • Available in over 100 variations of metal, operating mechanism, length and grip

  • Exclusive 4140 steel or weight-saving 7075 T6 aluminum construction

  • Little to no maintenance required

  • Optional glass breaking attachment turn baton into a rescue tool

  • Supported by a wide range of scabbards and accessories

Types of Expandable Batons

Friction (“F-Series”)

This is the original style of ASP baton, loved by generations of officers for its simplicity and reliability. The Friction (“F-Series”) baton snaps open with a sharp extension of the arm either upward or downward, and locks into place by virtue of the taper of its shafts. Retracting the baton requires a firm downward strike on an solid surface like concrete. F-Series Batons come in 16, 21 and 26 inch expanded lengths. They’re available in Black Chrome, Airweight, or Electroless finishes, with a variety of grip options. The Friction operating system is also available in our value-priced Sentry series. These batons are identical in form, function and accessory compatibility, but are made of 4130 steel, which is a more common, basic-duty material than our unique 4140 tubing, saving some cost.

Talon Infinity (“T-Series”)

Talon Batons represent the most advanced design, engineering and construction available. They feature an internal mechanism that allows them to be opened discreetly and quietly with fingertip extension, and closed into the hand or scabbard simply by pressing a button and compressing the baton. T-Series Batons can also be deployed with the same aggressive “snap” as Friction models, but should never be closed using impact. The Infinity warranty covers these batons unconditionally for life. Available in 40, 50 and 60cm extended lengths. Black Chrome, Airweight, or Electroless finishes, with two grip options.

Agent and Protector

These are ASP’s concealable batons, ideal for investigators, protection agents or other plain clothes professionals. The Protector is a Friction-operating baton that functions exactly the same as our F-Series duty batons, while the Agent is a pushbutton design that operates the same as a Talon. But both batons are narrower, and available in shorter sizes, for easy concealment.