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Guide to Pepper Spray

Police OC Spray for Sale pepper spray for police

OC Spray & Pepper Spray - Introduction

OC (oleoresin capsicum) spray, most commonly called “pepper spray,” is a self defense tool that quickly, effectively and temporarily incapacitates a would-be attacker. ASP Defenders feature replaceable Inserts containing police-grade, maximum-potency OC, with a 1.33% major capsaicin formulation. The sleek, machined aluminum delivery device is compact, discreet, easy to carry and virtually indestructible. 

How to Use ASP Defender Pepper Spray

  • Holding the pepper spray Defender like a tactical flashlight, raise to shoulder height so dispersion tip is pointing at aggressor’s face (key ring end should be closest to you).
  • Effective range is approximately 3 feet, may be more or less depending on environment and conditions.
  • Use thumb of gripping hand to flip safety ring up.
  • Press actuator for about a half second and spray towards aggressor’s eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Repeat if necessary. OC spray works very quickly on most people, and your only goal should be to get away.

Anatomy of an OC Spray Defender

palm defender pepper spray oc spray

1 Heat treated split rings
2 Solid brass actuator
3 Wraparound safety (shown in "on"/ safe position)
4 O-ring sealed cap
5 O-ring sealed tip
6 Precisely machined dispersion port
7 Replaceable aerosol inserts in "Heat" and "Test" versions

Replaceable, Interchangeable Inserts 

Police Pepper spray and OC spray inserts for ASP pepper spray

Palm and Key Defender inserts are available in "heat" or "test" versions. This allows expired or partially used inserts to be easily replaced or swapped out with inert aerosols for practice and training purposes.