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Certified Challenge Coin
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Certified Challenge Coin

A time-honored tradition, and hard-earned recognition for a select few
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This product can be laser engraved for an additional charge. For more information, go to the Resources menu at the top of the page, select Customizing then Laser Engraving. Note that engraved items are not returnable.
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  • Upload artwork as .png file with transparent background
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  • Artwork must be black only (anything black in your image will be engraved)
  • Final engraved area will appear as the color of the underlying material of the actual product
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  • Exact engraving size and location varies by product
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  • We reserve the right to reject artwork that is of insufficient quality, offensive in nature, or potentially in violation of copyright

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  • Description

    Challenge Coins are many things—a reward, a form of identification, a tradition*, an honor. They carry a meaning and mystique that is well-known and respected among those who serve, and typically put the person holding the coin in elite company. The ASP Certified Challenge Coin certainly falls into that category, as it is presented upon graduation from a demanding ASP Training Program, and earns its recipient membership into a globally recognized and respected community.

    *Carrying on the Challenge Coin tradition also means knowing and honoring its rites and rituals. When a challenge is offered by a coin holder among a group of peers, each member of the team must present his or her coin. Any member without a Challenge Coin must “pay penance” (coin holders know what this means). If all present their coins in response to the challenge, the person who initiated is the one who must “pay.”


    If you wish to use our optional online engraving option, please follow these instructions:

    • Click the “+ Laser Engraving” button in the product summary box above
    • Select block type and use all caps (if you do not select block type and caps, the coin will still be engraved that way, it is the only way Challenge Coins are engraved).
    • Enter your last name (we recommend all uppercase letters to match our company standard). There is a 9 character limit with the online simulator—if your name is longer, contact us for personal assistance
    • Push “click to see your engraving” to see what your coin will look like, and if correct, click “add to cart”
    • When checking out, in the special instructions box, provide your ASP Instructor number. We will engrave this below the ASP Mission Statement "Protecting Those Who Protect,” at no additional cost—you pay only the name engraving charge.

    If you prefer, you can order the coin blank and bring it to a local engraver or trophy shop to have your name and number added.