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Athlon Outdoors: More Than Just Firearms: Less-Lethal Weapons Expand the Options at SHOT Show 2024

"The ASP Defender line started as a law enforcement item but became popular with civilians as well. Recently, the company expanded the line to include the Sport Defender 1 and 2. The Sport Defender OC delivery system comes with a steel pocket clip or can be attached to your keychain." View Original Article Here

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"From ASP, the Matrix tactical flashlight, a tough, polymer-bodied law enforcement duty light, puts out 650 lumens, with a secondary low level of 15 lumens. The Matrix is powered by a rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery, and is also Dual Fuel capable." View Original Article Here

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VALORTEC: Swinging, Clicking, and Shining Bright: A Rollicking Review of the ASP Instructor Certification Course

"Gather around, law enforcers and baton enthusiasts, for I’ve got a tale that’ll make your tactical hearts flutter with excitement! I’m talking about the ASP Instructor Certification Course – a three-day extravaganza of batons, cuffs, and lights, oh my! Held in the sun-soaked haven of Ft Pierce, FL, this event wasn’t just a training session; it was a carnival of camaraderie, an opera of order-keeping tools, and a ballet of baton twirling." View Original Article Here

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Shooting Illustrated: The Ins And Outs Of Pepper Spray

"Typical stream or gel-type sprays often quote extended ranges, but they need to be aimed to hit a target—face/mucous membranes,” said Michael Hess, vice president of Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), a company that entered the pepper-spray market in 1995. “Not ideal in the hands of untrained civilians, especially under massive stress."   View Original Article Here

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