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Shooting Industry: ASP, Inc.

A micro-sized EDC light, ASP’s new DOT flashlight has a genuine Cree LED that puts out 130 lumens of bright white light, and sends it nearly half a football field downrange.   View Original Article Here

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Kroll Advantage Magazine: Legendary • Tools for Law Enforcement

Kroll International is one of our premier distribution partners. Among many other things, they put out a beautiful quarterly print magazine—which mails to thousands of retail dealers—called “Kroll Advantage.” The new issue features a lot of great ASP content, including a two-page spread highlight of our Private Security Case Study. We appreciate Kroll’s consistent support, and especially their efforts to communicate the benefits of ASP gear to a broad dealer base, and the end user customers they serve. View Original Article Here

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The ability to temporarily blind and stagger a criminal with incredibly bright output is an often-heard claim, but is there such a thing as too much? “Yes, there absolutely is, especially in our world of law enforcement,” explained Michael Hess, vice president of Armament Systems & Procedures (ASP) — one of the foremost suppliers of law enforcement gear in the United States. “…in indoor environments, high-output lights produce backsplash against walls and other reflective or semi-reflective surfaces. This can actually reduce the amount that the user can see — the opposite of what a flashlight is for. Needless to say, for a...

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Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), a leading provider of law enforcement equipment and tactical training, has hired George Ansardi as the new Director of Sales for the Midsouth US region. Ansardi will be responsible for law enforcement agency and distributor relationships in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. His territory also includes Mexico and Latin America.   View Original Article Here

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