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VALORTEC: Swinging, Clicking, and Shining Bright: A Rollicking Review of the ASP Instructor Certification Course

"Gather around, law enforcers and baton enthusiasts, for I’ve got a tale that’ll make your tactical hearts flutter with excitement! I’m talking about the ASP Instructor Certification Course – a three-day extravaganza of batons, cuffs, and lights, oh my! Held in the sun-soaked haven of Ft Pierce, FL, this event wasn’t just a training session; it was a carnival of camaraderie, an opera of order-keeping tools, and a ballet of baton twirling." View Original Article Here

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Shooting Illustrated: The Ins And Outs Of Pepper Spray

"Typical stream or gel-type sprays often quote extended ranges, but they need to be aimed to hit a target—face/mucous membranes,” said Michael Hess, vice president of Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), a company that entered the pepper-spray market in 1995. “Not ideal in the hands of untrained civilians, especially under massive stress."   View Original Article Here

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Shooting Industry: ASP USA, INC.

"The ASP SPECTRUM UV is a multi beam-color tactical flashlight. In addition to its primary white light, it offers illumination in red (to preserve night vision), blue (to cut through fog, and for tracking evidence) and UV (to view hidden document security features, and identifying some DNA evidence)." View Original Article Here (page 69)

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SOFREP: SWAT Officer Reviews the ASP XT DF Flashlight

"As a member of the special operations community, having reliable and efficient gear is not just a necessity; it's a matter of life and death. The ASP XT DF Flashlight stands out as a beacon of reliability in the tactical equipment arena." View original article here

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