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Becoming an ASP Trainer

Becoming an ASP Trainer


“How do I become an ASP Trainer?” is a question that is often asked during our 3-day ASP Instructor Certification (AIC) programs. There are three parts to the process:
  1. Inquiry and recruitment
  2. Continuing work and preparation
  3. Attendance and coming through the other side

Inquiry And Recruitment

If a student inquires about the process or is a standout in the class, the Trainer will exchange contact info and request a follow-up post training. The Trainer will often recommend that he or she attend another AIC to gain more experience in the program, but it is not required. The sponsoring Trainer will communicate with any other Trainers who have (or have had) the candidate in a class, and ask for their evaluation.

Continuing Work And Preparation

The time from AIC completion and trainer recommendation to ASP Trainer Certification (ATC) attendance can be as soon as 6 months, or over a year, depending on timing of the conference and how ready the candidate is. During this lead-up, the candidate is in constant contact with the sponsoring Trainer. He or she will be continuing to work on physical skills, technical knowledge and teaching experience. Every candidate should show up very confident in all areas of the program, and in top physical shape.
During this time, if the candidate has shown a commitment to the process, he or she will be officially invited to ATC by the Training Coordinator. Instructions and guidance will be provided on everything needed for attendance.

Attendance And Coming Through The Other Side

ATC will be hands-down one of the toughest, most physically demanding and mentally-fatiguing courses that most participants have ever been through.
While in attendance, the candidate will be assigned a mentor team and all equipment necessary for training. The mentor team is there to critique, encourage, address deficiencies and ultimately push the candidate across the finish line. The candidate will be evaluated by all trainers in attendance from the moment they show up through the very last drill.
There has never been an ATC with 100% of candidates passing successfully. So what will be the ultimate deciding factors… did the candidate show the outstanding physical skills needed to lead a class? Was his or her technical knowledge on par with existing trainers? Did the candidate show confidence and exceptional skill demonstrations during teach-backs? And finally, did the candidate embrace the “ASP way”— can he or she be sent anywhere in the world and trusted to teach this program without straying from the protocol?
ASP Trainers are not just colleagues; we are a family. If you are fortunate and determined enough to make it through, we’d welcome you to that family—it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

James Schramm

NYPD (ret.)

ASP Trainer since 2004