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NEW Exo-S Case, for Sentry Cuffs

NEW Exo-S Case, for Sentry Cuffs


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Revolutionary handcuffs deserve a revolutionary handcuff case—and this is like no case you’ve ever seen before

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    The Exo-S Case is a sleek, lightweight, rapid-access carrier, custom-designed specifically for ASP’s revolutionary Sentry Cuffs. It gets its name from a lightweight, exoskeleton-like design that adds virtually no bulk, and has no covers, flaps or straps to get in the way. Also, unlike any other handcuff case, the Exo-S holds the handcuffs in a proper, pre-loaded “ready” configuration—preventing the bows from being moved out of position while carrying.

    To deploy handcuffs, simply release the slide lock and remove the restraints—to replace, just seat the bottom of the cuffs into the rubber-cushioned and noise-dampened recess, and re-engage the slide lock. 

    The Exo-S Case features our exclusive Snap-Loc belt loop, which attaches anywhere on the belt without having to thread or unthread other duty gear. It features an indexed slide track and bar that adjusts to fit all common duty belt and dress belt widths, or MOLLE gear. A spare handcuff key (included) stows in its own compartment on the back.  

    ASP Snapshot - Exo Case
    ASP Quick Look - Exo Handcuff Case
    ASP Training Room - Exo Handcuff Case Operation
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