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$10 Scabbard Bin (F16 Cover Scabbard Ballistic)
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$10 Scabbard Bin (F16 Cover Scabbard Ballistic)


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An assortment of discontinued baton scabbard styles at a blowout, bargain-basement price. Choose any case for just ten bucks.

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    It’s no surprise that as the leader in expandable batons, ASP also makes more baton scabbards, in more styles, with more unique and exclusive features than anyone. We are always creating and innovating—even with a seemingly simple baton case—and that means that once in a while we have to clear out the old to bring in the new. Our $10 “bargain bin” is full of really great scabbards that are being retired to make room for others. Specific styles and availability will vary, but there are leather and ballistic cases, and covered and uncovered models to fit all sizes of ASP Friction Loc or Talon batons. Original retails $40-$46.50, all marked down to just ten bucks.

    Each is meticulously crafted, first quality, factory-new in original packaging (this is not a “scratch-and-dent” or second quality offering). And each features our exclusive, adjustable Snap Loc clip, so you can attach the case anywhere on your belt, without unthreading and re-threading all your duty gear.

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