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Repair Kit

Repair Kit


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Over 100 individual parts, supplies and tools for maintenance and repair of ASP batons, handcuffs and cases.

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    If you’re an agency armorer or ASP dealer with a service center, you’ll want this indispensable kit—it contains everything needed for the most common maintenance and basic repairs on ASP batons and baton scabbards, as well as ASP handcuffs and cuff cases: 

    • Tools: Armorer’s hex wrench, handcuff Lock Set removal tool, baton spring seating magnet
    • Talon Baton replacement and repair parts: Calipers, springs, O-rings
    • Friction Loc Baton replacement and repair parts: O-rings and retention clips
    • Baton and cuff case replacement and repair parts: Tension bars, screws, belt adjusters, allen wrenches
    • Additional supplies: Baton and cuff lubricant, Loctite, application swabs
    • ALL ITEMS INCLUDED: Handcuff Tool, Hex Tool, Assembly Magnet, Glide Lubricant, Loctite 263, Q-Tips Swabs (10), Small Calipers (2), Larger Calipers (2), Caliber Springs (15), O-Rings (30), Belt Width Adjustment Slides (5), Hex Wrench (5), Black Back Plate Screw (20), Gold Lock Screws (3), Silver Attachment Screws (5), Retaining Clips (5), Tension Bar (2), 1 Pawl Lock Set (Yellow), 1 Pawl Plus Lock Set (Yellow)

    It all fits in the included compact, custom-molded EVA case, along with an easy reorder form.

    ASP Quick Look - Repair Kit