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Transport Kit, Chain

Transport Kit, Chain

The award-winning Transport Kit integrates with our Rigid Ultra Plus Cuffs, and can be applied, adjusted and removed while the subject remains safely restrained at all times

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    Winner, NAUMD Public Safety Product Innovation Award

    The exclusive, efficient design of the Transport Kit allows the handcuffs to remain safely in place while the transport system is applied, adjusted or removed to prepare a subject for transport, booking or court. The chain version is ideal for corrections use, while the belt version, available here, is an option for applications like aviation security, where weight is a consideration. The belt version is also a good choice where the noise of a chain might be undesirable, such as in a courtroom.

    The chain version of the Transport Kit is a compact, all-steel restraint system that maximizes subject control during transport. It features a tongue that slides through a purpose-specific channel in our revolutionary Rigid Ultra Plus Cuff wrist restraints. A high-security, proprietary lock fastens to the tongue instantly, without the key inserted—another important safety feature. The key, which engages a cylinder lock with 2,187 possible unique keyway configurations, is only used to remove the system. A heavy-duty spring clip at the opposite end of the chain is used to safely secure any unused length behind the subject. The Transport Kit is fast and easy to apply (see application video at tab above).

    Ultra Plus Cuffs included, and includes the chain, auto-engaging lock, two cylinder keys, Clip Handcuff Key, and zippered ballistic storage case.


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