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Tri-Fold Officer Set
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Tri-Fold Officer Set


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A complete disposable restraint system—including a FREE case—ready to carry on a belt or vest

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    Single-use restraints have always been a go-to solution for mass arrest and other multi-detainee situations, military and aviation security, and other situations where traditional handcuffs aren’t practical or desirable. But the growing global concern over surface-borne pathogens has moved them into the category of critical personal protective equipment that every officer needs to have on-hand, every day. ASP Tri-Fold disposable restraints are compact yet super-tough, easy to carry and fast to apply. They’re supported by a range of practical accessories, and we’ve put the key components together in a money-saving bundle that’s ready to carry.

    The Officer Set includes:

    • 10 Tri-Fold Restraints: As the name suggests, the straps of the lightweight ASP Tri-Fold disposable restraint fold in three places, for ultra-compact storage on a belt or vest. When deployed, they provide wide open loops for fast and easy application. The straps are extra-wide, with smooth edges for safety, and run through a fully-enclosed ratchet block with a shim guard to prevent picking. Tightening the restraint is quick and positive, using either the included molded pull or optional, extra-long flex pull cord. Once tightened, squeezing the secondary compression lock buttons provides additional security. The bundle comes with ten Tri-Folds—two to carry in the included case, and the rest to keep in a vehicle or patrol bag for replacements.
    • Scarab Cutter: The Scarab is a compact, easily carried, lightweight cutter specifically designed to safely remove disposable restraints. It employs a specially-designed blade and compound leverage to quickly pierce, then sever the restraint. The blade is surrounded by an integral guard that prevents injury to the subject, while preventing the cutter from being readily used as a weapon in the wrong hands.
    • FREE Tri-Fold and Scarab Case: This custom-designed case protects and securely retains two folded restraints, along with an ASP Scarab Cutter in its own molded pocket. The tough, polymer case features our exclusive Snap-Loc clip, which attaches anywhere on the belt without having to thread or unthread other duty gear. The belt loop features an indexed slide track and bar that adjusts to fit all common duty belt and dress belt widths, or MOLLE gear.

    An Agency Set is also available, offering additional savings for bulk Tri-Fold system purchasers.

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